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What is clickbank and how does it work

What is clickbank and how does it work : complete guide step by step

ClickBank is a marketplace where you can find products to sell online. By creating your own link you will immediately receive commissions work within 2 minutes of the sale. Commissions are calculated on the net sales price and can reach up to 80% on the price of the product you sold.

what is clickbank and how does it work

What is Clickbank

Clickbank is a marketplace full of products that can be sold. It was created with the intention of expanding and improving the online sale of products or services and to satisfy the owner, holder and creator of the product and the seller or marketer or the promoter of the products of third parties.

Clickbank Marketplace

The Clickbank makertplace is reachable after a quick registration to the site. Once the account has been created with your credentials, in the marketplace section you will find products or services for every kind of market. Any section has a subcategory in which you will have to find the niche to work on.

marketplace clickbank

Once you enter the market you will have a research section, the most important parameter to consider is gravity. The higher percentage of gravity is higher and more it tells you that in that market many sales are being made and therefore there is also a lot of competition.

How does it work

Here is explained how Clickbank function and what are the necessary steps to make money with clickbank:

  • Look for the market niche and therefore the most suitable product.
  • Prepare 10/15 articles optimized for Google theme on the chosen theme
  • Prepare 5/7 sales letters
  • Create a landing page to capture visitors’ email (prospect)
  • Create a marketing campaign by promising a gift to refer them to the sales page.

Look for the niche

Before talking to you about market niches, I’ll explain the market. Today the market is divided into 3 macro categories: Money, Love and Wellness. From these 3 macro categories, there are categories and sub-categories in which it is possible to find market niches.

The question I am often asked is “how big should the niche be?” … ideally there is no definite number, the important thing is that there is demand for that product or service and above all that it is specific. If it is specific, you can create specific content for your target.

If tomorrow you hurt your arm and you have to choose between 2 doctors, do you prefer a general practitioner with 10 years experience or a doctor specialized in upper limbs? The same reasoning does a visitor do on a blog .. will the customer choose to spend his money on a specialized site or on a generic blog?

The methods to find a niche are:

  • Search on google, see if the product is much sought after and understand the questions and problems people have and how to help them. For this activity I suggest you use Google, Google Trends and Google keyword planner
  • Searching on Amazon may seem trivial but Amazon has the advantage of being divided into categories and subcategories and trying to understand what people are buying will help you
  • Affiliation … if in the market you have chosen you see that there are products in affiliations, also complementary means that the request is there.

Prepare articles optimized for SEO

If the niche you have chosen is a theme that you already know or you are passionate about, it will be easier for you to write ad hoc articles otherwise you read so much, find out more about the most interesting articles concerning your niche.

To optimize the articles there are several techniques and this is not the right post to talk about, if you want to deepen the techniques and tools read here.

Prepare sales newsletters

Like articles, newsletters are a powerful sales tool. Despite not talking much about it and always thinking about the new app or the new social media that is raging among the people, email is still one of the most long-lived tools to sell.

Often clickbank products already offer material including articles and newsletters ready to be personalized with their own affiliate links, but often this material is not enough to warm the customer so I advise you to study the method of communicating effectively, an excellent site that talks about this is My.Copyblogger.

To create a newsletter you will eventually need an autoresponder, personally I use Getresponse as it is among the best for speed and ease of setting … remember that time is money and time is your only enemy.

Create Landing page

Premise, you will notice that every product already has its own internet sales page but we cannot directly promote the Clickbank ‘s sales page, visitors would enter the page but then they would run away.

Show the sales page right away is like screaming in the middle of the street hoping someone will buy your products … would you buy them from someone who screams?

This is why the customer, to induce him to purchase, must first be warmed up with valuable information (articles and newsletters) to make him want your product.

Then create a landing page that captures the attention. A landing page unlike a website is a more essential graphically that has a single purpose or a single well-defined and clear “call to action”.

Can you make money with Clickbank without a site? Yes, the landing page can be created isolated from the site or combined with the site, for example a tool that allows you to do both is Clickfunnels, probably the best tool currently to create sales funnels like this that I’m explaining to you.

Create marketing campaign

Usually the most used tool to create campaigns is Facebook but nothing prevents you from using other tools, if you are already familiar with Google try Google Ads or if you consider that your product is requested on Pinterest this is also a great channel.

If you are interested in depth I created an even more specific guide that teaches you to use all the tools in a professional way to create a business with clickbank for beginners click here

Finally, the Gift is a fundamental part to create interaction with your audience, to give a pdf or an ebook with an interesting insight on the topic you are dealing with is the passe-partout to get the customer’s email on which to build your newsletters and direct them to your page of sale


What Clickbank is and how it works is no longer a secret and knowing that many people manage to earn money with clickbank (and I talk about a lot of money …) will put you into enthusiasm to start this new business, good work and see you soon.

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