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How to work on Fiverr

How to work on Fiverr : tips and tricks to make the most of it

How to work on Fiverr discover the complete guide to learn how to show all your qualities online with the support of the best freelance network.

how to work on fiverr

Have you found Fiverr and see that many people like you make money but haven’t understood how it works? In this guide I will show you the necessary steps to learn how to work on fiverr and what strategies need to be implemented. Here are the basic steps:

  • create an account
  • improve personal branding
  • choose which category is most suitable
  • develop sales techniques: up selling and cross selling
  • learn to manage the buyer
  • use the correct keywords
  • make gig photos and video presentations

Create an account

Well, let’s move on to the basics first. Creating an account on Fiverr is not a big problem and you can also login with your Google or Facebook account. To create an account now click here.

Attention if we log in with Google or Facebook, the platform will take your real name from your Google or Facebook ID account. This is obviously not a problem if you want to use your real name, but if you want to run an account under a company or agency name, or want to use a pseudonym for some other reason, it’s better to stop for a moment and enter the correct name.

Improve personal branding

Tip: It is preferable to insert your profile with your name or at least a pseudonym, with your real and PROFESSIONAL photo because companies and individual customers prefer freelancers over so-called agencies or companies, also because companies know that they can have their work at incredibly lower prices if they deal with an individual.

Choose which category is most suitable

There are many jobs in Fiverr, there are categories for all types of micro services. For example, if you go to the main category of Write and Translation, you will see many sub-categories, eg. Corporate copywriting, press releases, articles and blog posts etc.

If you have a leg problem and have to choose between 2 doctors, the first generalist doctor with 10 years of experience and the second doctor who specializes in lower limbs, who would you choose? Obviously the second and so it also works on Fiverr.

So it is better to limit your approach to a main category and do 3 to 4 concerts covering all the sub-categories. For example, if you go to the Digital Marketing category> Social Media Marketing> Instagram, you’ll see that only instagram retailers can get reviews, considering that 50 reviews are around 300, the ratio is on average in silence.

Develop sales techniques: up selling and cross selling

Many think that Fiverr is nothing but a $ 5 micro-work site. Well, it’s not the truth. In this review on Fiverr you will change your mind about how it has evolved over the years and the new Fiverr Pro is now introducing carefully selected niche experts. How to work? The answer is quality.

It is obvious that there are many people looking for cheap services. But we think that if you have 20 or more sellers for some $ 5 each, it’s just about getting the order, delivering and earning money, it’s about wasting time. 

First of all, let’s contextualize the typical Fiverr customer. They are mostly inexperienced, young and ambitious people who have an online business idea that they need a website, graphics, content writing, SEO, social media marketing and many other services.

The ideal is to create a relationship with your customer and retain them because today they will ask you for a little help and bet on you, when they come back instead it will be to solve another problem and knowing you already have your trust. Think proactively and anticipate the next need. Now do some market research on Fiverr and see the rates for the services that your client might need, prepare a quote, be realistic and try cross selling for the next concert.

If you were good at selling you for the next job (cross selling) why not increase your concert ticket (upselling)? Upselling? What is it? How to do ? Good is the ability to sell something extra, premium or special to the customer, or in most cases, an upgrade of the service you just sold.

Let us assume that you have already sold a video for Youtube to a customer. Now you can sell the video explaining that you can add useful subtitles to improve user experience in other states. Immediately use some examples and your order will rise dramatically.

Learn to manage the buyer

How it is presented to a buyer and how the offer is made is very important. Most people who fail on Fiverr in their listing insert:

  • Prices too high
  • They choose requests with slightly different skills than requested
  • They load offers with superfluous data

The best way to get work from the buyer’s demands is:

  • Request cheaper orders (if you don’t yet have ratings and experiences)
  • Check that the customer is consistent with your skills
  • Add strengths and give your added value to be chosen for example .. 3 years of experience with, 100% money back guarantee etc.

Use the correct keywords

As when you look for something on google the keywords are also fundamental on Fiverr, you need to be aware that the concert titles, search tags and descriptions must be relevant with well-focused keywords.

Think before you write to which audience you are interfacing with and what nationality is in such a way that you use the correct terms for the location. If you know how shoppers think about a service they need, what the terms and jargon for that service are, you will come to them more easily.

Make GIG photos and video presentations

On Fiverr, a concert is actually known as a skill, for example, doing video editing on a green screen is a skill, making drawings for children is a skill and every skill you can sell is a concert.

What is the best way to emerge on Fiverr? What should I do to get myself noticed? Here are some tricks. A picture is worth a thousand words. Your image in the picture of your concert or better still your video that explains your concert to potential customers is what leads a customer to send you questions and your first chance to convert for sale.

Another fundamental step is the description ( Gig ) to get your first order the buyer after your presentation will scroll your profile up to the description. If the description of your concert is not written correctly and not the quality you will have lost one or more sales opportunities for sure.

For a good description use correctly bold and highlight the most relevant sentences. Start with the most qualifying source and show it for example. “Coming from … expert in …” explains your services with as much detail as possible. Finally complete the description with an impressive and captivating call to action.

For more details you can go to the dedicated Fiverr’s Blog Section


Fiverr is the best tool for Freelancers. If you apply the advice you just read it will no longer be a problem how to work on Fiverr but it will become how to manage all Fiverr customers. I remind you the link to register here and I wish you every success in your work.

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