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How to use Clickbank with Fiverr

How to use Clickbank with Fiverr: The fastest ways for your success

How to use click bank whit fiverr? Excessively complicated funnels, which take time and mental energy, find out more about how fiverr works and the fastest ways to sell on Clickbank.

how to use clickbank with fiverr

Fiverr job ideas

Sometimes the simplest things are the most effective ones, this is the case of Fiverr, in fact Fiverr is the best marketplace for freelancers, where you can find professionals who in exchange for a few dollars can do for you the job you don’t know how to do or work that for reasons of time you decide to delegate.

Once you have created the account with whit Fiverr you will be able to view thousands of work ideas that can help you realize your strategy … even with clickbank !! if you are interested in learning more, I wrote an article about Fiverr.

Make money fast whit Clickbank

“Make money fast whit Clickbank” is one of the many searches that every day users search on Google to learn the secrets to start doing business online. Now that you know better what Fiverr is we see how to use Clickbank together.

I state that the best method, which allows you to better monitor performance, is to create a niche website specialized in the product or service you intend to promote, obviously this method has the disadvantage of having longer realization times. If you want to know more read here the post on Clickbank.

First of all, create a Clickbank account, go to the marketplace section and search for the product to promote. The most important parameter to check is the severity of the product, where you can immediately see if the product is creating profits for other affiliates or not.

Once you have found your product, create your custom link, which will monitor your sales. On Fiverr remember to specify the link to the account that will carry out your promotion.

sign up clicbank

Step 1 – Sign up Clickbank

Step 2 – Choose product

Step 3 – Create a custom link

Once you have completed these steps … What are the most interesting GIGs for Clickbank using Fiverr? Here are the three quickest methods:

  1. Social Media Sharing
  2. Sharing on thematic sites
  3. Guest Post Sharing

1 -Social Media Sharing

Log in to Fiverr, choose a Social Media GIG with a catchment area and start driving your page with just 5 dollars. Too easy, isn’t it? If this were the case, it would be enough to choose the account that has the most followers and game is done … but it is not.

Before requesting a Gig consider 2 key elements for your strategy: first, if the chosen account speaks of your own niche, second, the platform that is proposed to you, for example, if the post must be published on Twitter or Facebook will not be visible to the whole community so you will have spent your money for a few customers and probably not interested in your services.

2 – Sharing on thematic sites

Enter Fiverr choose a banner GIG on thematic sites and you will have your promotion active on sites relevant to your topic. Before requesting the GIG, give the site traffic statistics to verify that the site has really useful traffic for your purpose.

3 – Guest Post Sharing

Write an article, optimized for Google’s SEO and above all that is interesting in the eyes of the public. Currently a customer’s purchase cycle takes place first from the acquisition of information on the web and only after it turns into a purchase.

This explains why directing customers directly to a sales page 99% of cases does not turn into a sale. The visitor needs excited and informed about the product, that’s why an article, well written inserted on an authoritative blog and with an important volume of traffic can give benefits to your sales.

Obviously you remember, as for the other methods, also in the article your affiliate link must be present otherwise … bye bye money 


How to use clickbank with fiverr is no longer a secret and the methods I presented to you today are only part of the creativity that can be achieved. Remember that the beauty of the internet lies in creating and constantly recreating, improving efficiency and speed. And which methods do you use?

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