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How to earn $10.000 a month whit a blog in 2019

Here is the complete guide to the most used methods to make money with a blog, in this article you will find the best techniques to create an automatic income directly from your blog.

Recommendation: I have prepared this article to help you find answers to your questions, the post is full of information, take this article as food for thought and continue to inform you and update you without being taken only by enthusiasm.

Are you ready ?! Let’s start

how to earn 1000$ a mounth with a blog in 2019

In this article you will find:

  • Make money with a blog and success stories
  • Tools to get started
  • Which topic to choose
  • How to create content
  • How to create traffic
  • Methods to make money with a blog
  • Conclusion

Earn $ 10,000 or $ 30,000 with blogs? Yes, it is possible, but I also tell you that it is not as easy as taking a walk, it takes effort, perseverance and time.

If you think that in this article you will find the magic formula to make money quickly you are wrong! and this article is not for you. You will never find a blogger who tells you that in 2 days he has become a millionaire.


Make money with a blog and success stories

Here are some examples of success that with commitment and dedication are now case studies for other aspiring bloggers:

Darren Rowse

 Australia 🇦🇺

Earns $ 30,000 a month to date has started writing for passion and now helps other bloggers with his site problogger.net

Harsh Agrawal 


shoutmeloud.com social media blogs, seo and wordpress. review estimated at $ 30,000 a month

Gary Vaynerchuk 

U.S.A. 🇺🇸

of New York created a blog to revive the fate of his wine shop now he became the founder of a $ 60 million dollar ecommerce a year

darren rowse
harsh agrawal

The tools to get started

Do you already have a blog or are you thinking of writing one yourself? I have to give you bad news, it’s not free.

Having a blog with a subdomain as well as being unprofessional does not allow you to have speed, reliability, and assistance that only a good hosting can give you, it is estimated that 6 people out of 10 leave the site they are reading if it does not open within 3 seconds.

The best hosting on the market at the moment is Siteground. In addition to the hosting that will host your domain, you will need a CMS. The CMS par excellence is undoubtedly WordPress


Which topic to choose?

Well! Did you see that you can make money with a blog but you don’t know what to talk about, or would you like to talk about your passion but aren’t you sure it works?

First and foremost we need a goal or product or service on which to build your blog.

Instead of thinking of it as making money from your blog, think of your blog as a content marketing tool to guide your visitors to your solutions. Remember that this product or service must solve the problem of a well-defined niche of people.

On the web the 80% macro topics are Money, Reports and Wellness. Here are some profitable niches:

  • Insurance.
  • Financial products.
  • Trading, forex.
  • Bets, gambling.
  • Dating sites.
  • Wellness and health.
  • Domestic appliances.


Create quality content

Remember first of all that you are writing that you are writing a blog to give solutions to your audience.

It is with them that you will have to relate to them and once they have gained their trust you can sell your products, always put them at the center of your project.

To create a successful blog you will need information-rich content that helps people, the question to ask before each article is: How can I help my reader? What interests my reader?

For example, if your blog or sales focus is centered on travel to Australia, interesting titles could be:

  • how to save in Australia
  • best locations to sleep in Australia
  • best restaurants in Australia The secret places of Australia

On the contrary, if you create articles that are too distant from your main theme, you will lose the focus for which you have built your blog and, in addition to not positioning yourself correctly on Google, your audience will not perceive your value.

I’ll explain. You have a choice to make, your leg hurts, you can choose a doctor with experience in a general hospital or choose the doctor who specializes in healing lower limbs?

You have already written some articles but you have run out of ideas, it is not a problem because google makes the keyword research tool available for free. Don’t worry if the results won’t arrive immediately, write, create, refine, experiment, make a blog to make money is not easy but the satisfactions will come.

You have to think like an entrepreneur because creating a blog is like creating a business online and your time means money, the more you invest it and the more results you have.


Make money with a blog – How to create traffic

You have created dozens and dozens of articles with sensational content and if you invented an Oscar category you would win it but you have no traffic … result no one reads you and another result you don’t sell anything.

How can I get traffic to my unknown blog? First of all, there are 2 types of free and paid traffic

Free Traffic 

Organic research:

The best way to do this over the long term is to have the right quantity and quality to capitalize on the searches that visitors make on Google every minute.

If you’ve already heard of it, this is SEO, in this article I will not go into as it is a giant world to study and investigate well.

I will only tell you that when analyzing the behavior of people, 90% of these when they do a search stop at the first 3 results, so being on the front page on Google means having created the basis of their fortune.


Referral traffic is the set of all the visits you get to your website from another source, for example via one or more links on another site.

One way to get this kind of traffic is to write articles on sites related to your topic.

of other sites or blogs and ask them to write an article with your themes for them.

Traffic from referrals can also be paid, in fact for a blog of a certain reputation a cash compensation is required to host your link or advertising space on your blog in exchange for the valuable traffic resulting from the popularity of the blog.


Direct traffic is the best you can get and that’s what makes you realize you’re on the right track.

The direct traffic is that traffic created by the people who now go to your site automatically searching for it from the browser directly or even as a favorite when you have saved your address.

Paid traffic

Google ads / Facebook ads

Paid traffic compared to free allows you to get to your readers faster. If well used you can create adverts to profitably launch your online blog.

There are various methods to create high-performance traffic, including Google Ads and Facebook Ads, one of the most powerful and profiled tools in the world.

Profiles mean that if you want to read your article on Australia to the Japanese between the ages of 25 and 35 who have a passion for travel there you can do it. Also you can choose what time to show your ad and on which device if computer or smartphone, if android or iOS

Interesting 😬

Youtube and Instagram

Youtube is an excellent platform both for creating organic traffic and paying in fact for some years now, users have been using the platform to research and train themselves on a topic, being present on youtube is a great opportunity even if time consuming.

If, on the other hand, you want to use Youtube for a fee, in addition to making ads that sponsor your product or service, you might think about hiring a famous youtuber who talks about your product.

This strategy will give you immediate and long-term traffic as the video will always remain on youtube ready to be viewed.

To make your blog grow and create a profit you could do the same reasoning made for youtube even for instagram with an influencer.

Email Marketing

Among the strategies you can use to bring visitors to your blog, the email must definitely be mentioned.

A mail marketing campaign can guarantee you great benefits because the person who leaves you the email in exchange for a guide, an ebook or other is already a profiled person who wants to learn more about the products and services you offer.

There are blogs or websites that work exclusively with emails to sell products.

Obviously it is a paid method because you will need an Autoresponder to handle the thousands of incoming requests.

It is unthinkable to write an email for every single person !!!

One of the best tools is GetResponse the fundamental characteristic of it, like that of the other Autoresponders, is to automate processes, only in this way can you create an automatic income.

Remember what I’m telling you now, to make a successful business online you always have to:

1 write

2 refine

3 automate

In summary, we have seen the tools necessary to start, we have seen why it is important to create interesting and authoritative articles now let’s see how to implement strategies to make money with a blog.

Method to make money with a blog

Banner and AdSense

Probably you could have already read this method, in some situations it is still useful in other cases there are those who say that banners are dead now and are ignored by people, for this reason we speak more and more often of native banners.

If you’re still wondering what I’m talking about, I’m talking about the most famous and used advertising banners are those of Google Adsense.

What is it about? It consists in inserting advertisements in a blog or banners, these banners through navigation cookies will propose to the visitor advertising consistent with his latest research and you will be paid for the clicks made by the visitor on the announcement (PPC or PAY- PER-CLICK).

In addition to Google Adsense there are other platforms that offer this service for example: Buysellads, Chitika and Payclick

The banner earnings are not great and to fill your banner blog in my opinion dirty the aesthetics of the site and distract the visitor who has landed on your blog with so much effort.

My advice is to insert a right amount, especially only when we enjoy constant visits.


In addition to selling advertising space, another method for making money online is infoproducts.

That is, they are online courses in the form of videos, audios or paid ebooks.

The most difficult part is in the preparation where you will have to be really competent in the product you are talking about in your niche, prepare sales letters, via email marketing, with a persuasive copy and automate the processes

CPS affiliations

What are CPS? CPS means COST-PER-SALE or you are paid for a sale. One of the most famous is Amazon’s affiliation.

Yes Amazon among the many services available offers the possibility once registered to get a personalized link to insert in your blog.

The percentages of earnings on the product arrive up to 12% based on the category to which they belong.

To earn with Amazon affiliations there are 2 main roads:

1 – write reviews on products based on your reference niche, there are also some sites that give Amazono products or give them a big discount in exchange for a review … a great incentive to test products live.

Write truthful articles and at least 1500/2000 words trying to use words also in SEO, quality along the way always gets better results.

2- A second possibility that for some product categories is more advisable is to prepare video reviews by writing the affiliate link in the video description.

It works because the product is visible almost live, it is handled and tested by you, obviously to make videos you will have to put your face and work on personal branding but once done practice can be a powerful medium for the reasons I explained before on Youtube and another feature that should not be underestimated and that videos can be combined with reviews on your blog.

Finally, remember that in addition to Amazon there are thousands of CPS affiliations on the web and above all, much more profitable.

CPA affiliation

What are CPAs? The CPAs are the COST-PER-ACTION or we are paid if the visitor arriving on our site performs an action.

There are many networks offering this service including: Peerfly, Cplead, Maxbounty




For example here we find in the picture a game offered by Peerfly if our visitor will download the free game you will be paid 3.75 $.

Think if you can get 1,000 people to download … you would earn $ 3,750, 

Interesting 😬

But how is it possible for a game producer to pay us so much for a free app download? Simple within the App there are other advertisements or services that are offered to the player and this surely repays their advertising campaign.


Are we in 2019 still so profitable to write a blog? I would say yes, as we have seen the opportunities are really endless on the web and the ones I listed you today are just a small percentage of what you can do.

Give vent to it for your creativity and create your business empire.

My advice is to start with the CPS affiliations that are the best training to learn how to write high-performance newsletters, understand the main dynamics and create the first gains in a fairly short time.

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