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How to do SEO

How to do SEO: practical tips and suggestions

How to do SEO here is a practical explanation of the choices to be made to climb the Google ranking and start earning money thanks to organic traffic. Let’s see the most useful tips and tools.

how to do seo

How to do SEO

On the web there are an infinite number of articles that explain how to do things and there are also tools that help us simplify and speed up our work. This article aims to tell you the tips that have performed whit the Big G. Let’s go discover them.

Doing SEO means optimizing your content in terms of digital excellence, through free and paid techniques in order to improve the customer’s use experience, in addition to using these techniques there are many tools that help make a frog site become Prince Charming. Let’s see how it works. 


What is SEO Marketing ?

Before starting to understand how to do SEO we take a step back and focus on what is SEO or even SEO Marketing. First of all SEO means Search Engine Optimization and is the set of all the techniques used to optimize and index the page of a website. In addition to the techniques, since 2019 the SEO will increasingly focus on the care of linguistic details, in fact Google has created a bot capable of perceiving the linguistic properties of a text, in terms of text quality, relevance, fluency, etc. etc.

The SEO Marketing stems from the need of webmasters to scale positions in the search pages to get noticed because Google has algorithms, constantly updated, which determine whether a page deserves to be classified among the top positions or not.

The main reasoning of Google is to give the best “user experience” to the customer or to find the most exhaustive content in the shortest possible time, therefore it is correct to say that regardless of the techniques we are going to use the contents must always be:

  • comprehensive
  • relevant
  • easily readable

SEO Fundamentals

Why is SEO essential? It is essential because you try to think … have you ever gone beyond page 4 of Google? I already know the answer and it’s NO! In fact 99% of people usually arrived at the end of the first page or maximum of the second, request a new question from Google trying to modify the question to find the content they were looking for, correct? Do you recognize yourself? or do you belong to 1% of people?😄

How to do SEO Yourself

If you have little budget or want to invest your budget in other sectors know that it is possible to do SEO Yourself for free. My advice, if you are at the beginning of your online career investing in training and finding a mentor to show you the way forward for a simple reason, time is money.

The only thing you can’t manage is your time, the help of a mentor or simply a tool that is right for you will save you time and invest it in other activities and with this article I want to answer you that it is absolutely possible; in fact we have 2 streets this question.

Once you have acquired the technical knowledge you will be able to avoid spending your money on web agencies or SEO specialists who promise to make you go up in the top positions of Google ranking, but every month they will lighten the funds of your project.

Search Engine Optimization Techniques

Now let’s see what are the main techniques and suggestions to achieve results in Google’s SERP.

  • not just keyoword
  • responsive site and amp
  • internal link building
  • Youtube SEO
  • Local SEO

1 – Not just keywords

Until a few years ago, on the web there were websites full of useful keywords to be performing in SEO terms but not very useful to the end user. If, for example, you were looking for a recipe on Italian pizza, they appeared among the first results that did not help to find the information we were looking for but which had been over-optimized with those keywords to appear among the first results.

Obviously Google, as you read at the beginning of the article, has taken steps to fix this problem and now it is no longer possible, risk penalization to perform keyword stuffing or doorway pages or other “shadow” techniques that had the sole purpose of entering the traffic of the first places without giving value.

Today Google awards texts that really add value, rich information texts, we recommend at least 2000 words, which have become mini guides for the customer where they can find information and create a relationship of trust between the reader and the writer.

2 – Responsive site and AMP

The Responsive site on the web is now an almost consolidated reality, it is right to talk about it to make sure that if you are starting to create your website I make sure you can start correctly. A responsive site, as I explained to you a little while ago, is a site that automatically changes based on the device on which you view the site and optimizes it to offer an optimal view of the content to the visitor.

Despite almost all the templates offered by WordPress offer this feature, check that the template chosen for your site has this feature.

In addition to a dynamic site for all Google devices in 2017 has developed an open source HTML framework for mobile devices or AMP. AMP is the acronym of Accelerated Mobile Pages born with the intent to improve the speed of execution of evasion of searches carried out by mobile device. Fortunately this technique is easily implemented by downloading the AMP plugin from WordPress.

Also in AMP mode you can build landing pages, read the faqs here, websites, blogs, e-mail in short, anything with the advantage of having speed and a light and smart coding for the quality of your SEO.

3 Internal Link Building

If we think of the Braveheart movie, links are an immortal element that we can’t do without. The internal links are very important to create paths for the visitor who will be happy to read your article once to spontaneously find other insights.

I used the word spontaneously specifically because it is good to remember that the text must not be filled in an unnatural way with links but must guide the visitor, this activity, if done correctly, significantly reduces the good rate parameter visible on the Google Search Console. The lower rate is more and more means that the visitor stays more time on your page, or for Google your content is relevant and meaningful for the visitor’s experience.

4 Youtube SEO

Did you notice that when you search for information on Google, a video is often proposed as the first search result? Well this is the future … indeed the present. To date, Youtube is the second search engine in the world and over 50% of searches are completed watching a video.

Given the ever-growing data, companies are gearing up to create videos to simplify the search for visitors who prefer to watch a video instead of reading an article, being present on Youtube is fundamental and is an increasingly fashionable strategy among marketers . As with images, videos must also be optimized, so a title and an adequate description are necessary steps to make the traffic fly to your site.

 5 Local SEO

The geolocation of your business is another must have that must be implemented on your site especially if your company is a local business. The latest statistics speak of 22% of searches made through Google Map to search for a specific activity. How to do it? Just sign up with your Google account on Google My Business.

SEO Tools

Now let’s see which tools can help you create content that ranks Google rankings, I have selected only a few for you but the web is full of tools that can help or disorient for this I preferred to talk to you only about the tools we use daily for our content. Here is the list of the best SEO tools:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Trends
  • Google Keyword planner
  • Answerthepubblic
  • SEMRush

In the article I told you about Google for the My Business service and Search Console, top tools for your site. In addition to these tools, Google has many free services, the 3 tools that deserve to be mentioned are Google Analytics and Google Trends and Google Keyowrd Planner, both analysis sites.

Google Analytics is designed to show you the performance of your site where you can find information like public, traffic and behavior for free. Google is able to tell you your audience from which part of the world it comes from and from which device while the traffic analysis tells you if your visitors come from organic search, from social media, from paid or refferal searches. If you want to delve into the types of a blog’s audience here.

Google Trend is a market analysis tool that allows you to explore what is going out of style in a certain period, in a certain place and in a specific sector. Once the 3 parameters have been set, you will be able to view and compare the keywords between them.

Google Keyword Planner is fundamental both in the search for a niche market and in the construction of a content because on the theme you have chosen it will show you all the questions that people ask about Google and you can take advantage of it to create ad hoc content .

Another exceptional tool that you cannot do without is Answer the pubblic Its captivating graphics, its simplicity of use and the completeness of information make this tool a must have. It is no coincidence that the most important and performing companies use this incredible tool.

Finally Semrush, I am quoting last but it is one of the fundamental tools to grow, plan and monitor. Here are some features you can have with this fantastic tool:


  • Analyze the chive words of the competitors
  • Verify competitor backlinks useful to also understand the site’s authority
  • Search for keywords for both SEO and PPC
  • Longtail keyowrds and geolocalized suggestions based on the country you are analyzing the market
  • Technical SEO audit to improve the setting of your site
  • Social planner to have your posts in one place with all the data analysis tools

This is only part of the potential of Semrush and it is no coincidence that it was chosen by EBay or Booking


I hope that after reading this guide How to do SEO is no longer a problem, and I’m sure it will inspire you to better take on your projects. If you have any questions or questions please contact me.

A big hug


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