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FAQ Sales Funnel and Landing Page

Do you understand that the web has changed and you would like to be updated? Do you know that to make money online whit sales funnel and landing but your knowledge is not enough for you? Well today I will answer the most frequently asked questions on the web for finally clarity rate.

Are you ready? Let’s start​​​​​​​

faq sales funnel and landing page

Landing page what is and how does it work?

A landing page first of all, is a page on your site designed to convert visitors into leads. A landing page is different in design usually has less information than a web page and is created for a specific goal that the visitor will have to accomplish on this page, which is why it is more minimal, so as not to confuse the user.

Can you create a landing page without a website?

Absolutely yes. It is the best method to acquire leads and therefore future customers. First, build a landing page and then a complete website.

Also consider using a new generation landing page that offers something for free, like an ebook guide, a cheat sheet, a video lesson in exchange for names and email addresses.

Do I need a website or just a landing page? The difference between a website and a landing page?

Landing pages are used solely to reach a goal (call to action) and drive traffic to your marketing campaign. Web pages, on the other hand, are for general use, you can use them to bring traffic to your articles or show where your company is located.

What are the channels? How does a sales funnel work?

A channeling is the set of steps that a visitor must cross before they can reach conversion, called ROI. Think about when you buy on Amazon.

There are steps that I will make of purchase, that is:

1 discover the product

2 inquire

3 identify who provides the best solution to me

4 make the purchase

The tools to make a sales channel are various, the most important are the landing pages and emails.


What are the stages of a sales funnel?

A sales funnel is comparable to a trip the visitor has to make before becoming a customer and they are divided into three parts:

1 – Discovery> To discover product

2 – Create contact> Recover customer mail (LEAD)

3 – Submit Sales Proposal to Qualified Lead

What is a sales channel system?

The definition of the sales funnel is a buying process that companies use to bring customers to purchase their products because a sales funnel is divided into several steps, which vary according to the particular sales model.

What does “funnel” mean in marketing?

Purchase channeling or purchase channeling is a consumer-centric marketing model that illustrates the theoretical journey of the customer towards the purchase of a product or service. Creating customer awareness about the existence of a product or service.

Why do you need a sales funnel?

A sales funnel is simply a method of sending people to a landing page and telling them to buy. A sales funnel first educates people and creates leads, then leads the customer to purchase. It is necessary to convert modern and sophisticated visitors into consumers.

What is the Funnel Builder?

A funnel builder is a collection of pages that are linked together to form the path you want the visitor to take on your landing page. There are many services that allow you to build that path, the most famous is Clickfunnels.

Can Clickfunnels replace your website?

Clickfunnels has a “web editor” with which you can quickly create or edit pages within Clickfunnels. This makes creating web pages so easy that many people actually develop a complete website on Clickfunnels.

Does Clickfunnels integrate whit WordPress?

If you want to maintain a WordPress site and you want your channelings in ClickFunnels to run in the same domain, this will allow you to add pages directly from ClickFunnels to your domain that you use in WordPress.

Is Clickfunnels safe?

is safe Clickfunnels. Just like any authentic software, using ClickFunnels is 100% secure for your business. If you are in an online store and are looking for a great way to give a substantial boost to the overall revenue of your product sales, using ClickFunnels can be a great idea.

Sales funnel and landing page if before this article your face was in the shape of a question mark, now you know a little more. Obviously this is just the beginning of your career growth path if you want to discover the complete guide to create your first funnel click here

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