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Does clickfunnels works

Does Clickfunnels work : full review and functionality

Does Clickfunnels work? Is it the tool for me? These are the questions I have gathered on the web and I hope they can help you understand the path to take for your business.

Probably if you are reading me you have an idea of business online or are you looking for new opportunities but still you have not well understood how to be able to realize them? Well

Today I will talk about Clickfunnels, the last tool to build your funnels. Clickfunnels is the best tool to create beautiful sales channels and make money online.

There are many ways and types of activities on the Web, but to implement them you need the right tools. Find out how Clickfunnels works and get the most out of your online business and earn your economic freedom.

Let’s start, okay?

does clickfunnels works

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Here’s what you’ll find in this article:

  • Premise: Funnel … What is it ?
  • Does clickfunnels work ?
  • How to use clickfunnels ?
  • Is Clickfunnels a pyramid scheme ?
  • Automation with Zapier
  • Payment methods integration
  • Pricing and offer
  • Entrepreneurs who have made their fortune with clickfunnels
  • Conclusion 

Premise: Funnel … What is it?

The funnel is a sequence of actions that your customers will have to do in order to get to the sale.​​​​​​​The most common and simplified funnel is this:

That is, I capture customers (LEAD) from google or social media, promising a free gift (LEAD MAGNET or FREEBIE). 

Customers will click on the link when they click on the link (OPT-IN PAGE) that contains the gift only by registering to an email, and so we will have our customers.

Easy no?

It’s not all. To reach a sale there are other steps. Let’s talk about email marketing. With emails we will give content and offers to our customers, trying to balance the 80% 90% content section and the 20% -10% offer section

But what if my goal is to sell because the part dedicated to offers is so small? Internet is like the main street of the historic center of a city with so many people walking … would you buy something from someone who yells at you an offer while you’re walking? I would say no.

While the stages of a sales funnel are more.

  • In the first step the visitor acquires information
  • In the second step the topic becomes of interest to you the visitor becomes a PROSPECT
  • Third step the visitor purchases the products according to him more consistent and becomes CUSTOMER

Does clickfunnels work ?

Having said that, let’s go back to clickfunnels. This tool has all the features you’ve just read, helps you to create beautiful opt-in pages with which to capture your leads, I’ll show you in this review how you can easily create sales funnels that convert. Here are some examples of the potential of clickfunnels:


Over 200 templates already made only to customize. Choose the graphics that best suit your needs based on your type of business


All the templates are divided into 21 different channels, if you want to grow your business with product launches, squeeze page, funnel webinars, sales pages, area membership and much more.



With the drag & drop feature it will be a breeze to create thousands of eye-catching pages for your audience.

How to use Clickfunnels?

How to use clickfunnels? surely the best way to learn how to use clickfunnels is to practice, if you want in this link you can do your 14-day free trial by clicking here.
To use Clickfunnels you can either use it as a single tool or in the WordPress plugin version; the plugin version is very useful especially for those who started creating a site with wordpress and do not want to abandon what you have done so far, but integrate it. In addition to WordPress there are many software that can integrate with each other. Clickfunnel is also integrated with Shopify for ecommerce, with Facebook, with Infusionsoft, with Klavijo, with Kajabi just to name a few.
Moreover if you already have your mail service, from the simplest mailchimp or the most professional like Getresponse you can integrate them comfortably.

Is clickfunnels a pyramid scheme?

Absolutely not. We often hear about patterns or online architectures made for the sole purpose of robbing people. This belief stems from the fact that some people have been robbed in this way but clickfunnels is just a tool that helps people realize their business dreams.

Obviously it is up to people’s ethics to create healthy and solid economies and consequently to use any tool in an ethical manner.

Indeed, I take this opportunity to congratulate CEO Russell Brunson on his staff who work every day to help you grow online, in fact, after registration, you can access tutorials, communities, newsletters and much more that are inspiring for everyone.

Automation whit Zapier

Online businesses are more and more automated, once a business is planned and automated, I can use free time for another business or refine new techniques, right ?!

If by e-mail we need an autoresponder to automate e-mail offers, it will be very useful to automate the other tools too.

Also in this case Clickfunnels comes to our rescue with the partnership with Zapier, which for those who do not know it yet is a fantastic software automation tool.

Payment Integration 

Clickfunnel provides many solutions even for payments. Where we can use stripe and paypal or receive payments directly from our favorite affiliate sites like clickbank or jvzoo


Clickfunnels free is for 14 days with the free trial by clicking here after which it offers 2 alternatives: starting price of $ 97 with the complete suite for your funnels and the price of $ 297 enriched with Actionetics and Backpack packages

Actionetics is the tool created to automate all processes. You can test your customers according to the actions they have made or the clicks they have made on one page rather than another and program for them different paths (funnel in the funnel).

Cool eh?!

Backpack is the tool created for those who have made affiliations their core business. You can create reserved areas and set up payments for your affiliates who are making you money at any time or in an automated manner.

every tool versus clickfunnels

Clickfunnels we can consider a SUPERTOOL because with just one tool you can get rid of:

  1. software landing page membership software
  2. split test software
  3. shopping cart
  4. email autoresponder
  5. software affiliates
  6. wordpress
  7. website hosting

And thanks to its simplicity you can make money without the need for programmers, designers, web masters … and so much more!

Another advantage of having a single tool is speed and compatibility. Speed, if we are in the world of automation it is obvious that it is fundamental.

For compatibility I intend to avoid unnecessarily weighing down your site and having no problem with different tools that must be integrated with each other

Case Study of Entrepreneurs using Clickfunnels 

Clickfunnels is a tool for everyone, both entrepreneurs who want to launch their products / services on the web and people without any online experience can use it because, as we have seen before, it is a drag & drop product with no need to write codes. Its ease of use is one of the strengths of this tool.

Here are some examples of people who have used and maximized sales funnels with the clickfunnels tool:


founded the foodblog ourbestbites.com and currently earns $ 200,000 a year (manta.com data)

sara wells clickfunnels



He is a coach and founded Wake Up Warrior Movement currently earning $ 10M + (beyond8figures.com data)

garrett white clickfunnels




She is an entrepreneur who made money for $ 5M + selling soap whit migsoap.com (infozoom.com data)

jamie cross clickfunnels


Clickfunnels is definitely the tool par excellence, so you want to quickly take the road of online earnings even without knowing programming codes or being a designer because in a single suite you have all the potential you need.

If that’s right for you, you can only know by testing. Make your free trial by clicking here. if you want to learn more about the sales funnel and landing pages here you will find the FAQ

A big hug

Daniele Grimaldi

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