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Case Study : How to make 5 million dollars selling soap

It was 2010 when Jaime, a mother of 2 children, had to choose a path for her life.

Remain unstable with the uncertainties that the world of work offers or become an entrepreneur of herself.

“Every women deserves to be pampered. Experience the luxurious textures, vibrant essences, and proven results that belong to the thousands of customers and celebrities we’ve served.

Activated and infused with wildcrafted botanicals, every product is designed to nurture your mind, body and soul. Handcrafted in the mountains of Colorado, you’ll feel like you’ve spent a day at the spa.”

Jamie Cross

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In a few years, Jamie Cross has managed to create an empire.

His company currently has a revenue of 5 million dollars and has 25 employees.

His digital marketing strategies have been better where others have failed.


Being online doesn’t just mean putting products on display. Being online means growing your business like a plant giving it water every day and taking care of the details that make the difference …

… there are thousands of soap vendors in the world, but not everyone makes so much money, right?! 

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